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14K Gold 1156 1157 BA15S BAY15D BAU15S 20SMD 3030

Item No.: 1156 1157 20SMD 3030
1156 1157 20SMD 3030


Base Type:   1156, 1157, BA15S, BAY15D, BAU15S
LED Chips:   3030SMD * 20pcs
Color Available:   White
Voltage:    9 - 30V
Warranty:  2 years
Non-Polarity:  Yes
Constant- Current:   Yes
Packing:  Anti-bag, Blister, OEM
Products Feature:
-Latest 3030 SMD chip, high performance and stable.
-Unique Design, ENIG tech make better coating effect and current conductive
-High Power and Super CAN-Bus
-Super Bright, Brighter than old type 1210, 5050 LED chip

14K Gold is not the only selling point, also not just for ID and appearance.  The 2.5mm thick PCB with 1U immersion gold layer is a key to reduce defect rate. The ENIG Tech (Electroless Nicker / Immersion Gold) is an ungraded PCB processing mostly applied to high-precision product as such keyboard. When this tech is applied on automotive LED bulb, you can image that performance and quality.